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Perfect Opportunity for the Person Who Loves Animals, But Is Not Ready For That Long Time Committment.   Click Here to to fill in a foster application.

                                Dog/Puppy  & Cat/Kitten Fosters Needed Immediately!

Second Chance takes in some of the animals that would not do well in a typical "shelter setting"

Why a Foster Care Program is Imperative

Second Chance deals with stray, orphaned, abandoned or abused animals that sometimes come with their own issues. Every animal that comes in is not always ready to be showcased at a local PETsMART store immediately.

Pregnant mothers need time to have their kittens and care for them until they are ready to be placed up for adoption. Animals recovering from injury or illness need rest, supervision and one on one attention. Similarly, an animal we take in might be too timid for the PETsMART environment right away and needs some "down time" to adjust. In short, foster care helps make animals with special needs more adoptable.

How Does the Foster Care Program Work?

Approved foster caregivers make a contract agreement with Second Chance for temporary care of the animal(s). The agreement is based on the animal^s needs, may or may not define a specific time frame for the foster care, and spells out responsibilities of both yourself and Second Chance.

You shelter and care for the animal: and agree to take it to the vet for scheduled vaccinations, etc. Second Chance remains the owner of the animal, assumes full responsibility for all medical care and the animal comes back to Second Chance at the end of the foster care period.

Is the Animal Up For Adoption While in my Foster Care?

It depends, sometimes an animal would not do well at PETsMART and depending up your agreement with Second Chance, the animal can be showcased to approved, prescreened (this is done by Second Chance) "perspective pet parents" right from your home. No animal leaves our organization until it is spay or neutered.

How Can the Animal Find a Home If It is Not Able To Be Showcased at PETsMART?

Photos and descriptions of pets in foster homes may be displayed on our website.

Do I Need Special Facilities to Foster?

Not necessarily special, but facilities appropriate for the situation and the animal you are fostering are needed. For example, a restricted area (a spare bedroom etc) are usually a good idea for a shy or sick animal.

Who Buys Food and Toys for Foster Animals?

When available, Second Chance will try to supply food and toys for the foster animal. However, it is primarily the responsibility of the foster parent to supply food, litter etc. No animal is placed into a foster home until it is checked by our vet, given any vaccinations and medical care needed. Second Chance takes financial responsibility for all medical care needed for the animal. You would be responsible for transporting the animal into our vets for scheduled care.

Can Foster Caregivers Adopt a Fostered Pet?

You can adopt if you want and Second Chance feels this would be a good permanent placement for your foster , however it is important to remember that for very practical reasons, you just cannot keep every animal you foster. Second Chance reserves the right to limit the number of animals you are considering adopting. The adoption fee will need to be paid if you decide to adopt the animal.


If you feel you can become a foster home, please download  THIS FORM  and follow the instructions.

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