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 Operation PETS
3443 South Park Ave
Blasdell, NY 14219
Phone: 716.783.8998
Fax: 716.783.8099

Second Chance does not sponsor this clinic, however, we recommend it highly.


For Dog Spay/Neuter Call:

Very Important:  You Must Tell Them You Are Calling for "The Second Chance Program"

"It's NOT Cool To Be Cruel" Program
Second Chance offers a "kindness" program geared at ages 5 through 8 years old to teach them young that all creatures have feelings and should be treated humanely.

Our volunteers will present a short program (30-45 minutes) which includes at least one of our therapy certified cats or dogs, educational handouts, and one on one interaction with the animal.  Great for scout badges, tie in with school projects or just for a fun educational day.



If you would like Tux or Molly to come and visit you and your group ,
 CLICK HERE  and fill out the form and one of our volunteer coordinators will contact you. 
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                Como Lake Troop 707 March 17, 2014

                      Como Lake Troop             March 3, 2014
  West Seneca East Elementary School
May  2009