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"Please consider being a monthly sponsor to "Second Chance" and help save a life.  Make a monthly donation in any amount and be the voice for a helpless animal"


There is one thing that every organization is always actively looking for, and that is dedicated and caring volunteers.

Mike & Paul At The Galleria

Potential Homes

We all have very busy lives, families we must take care of, jobs we must go to every day and numerous committments to fulfill. Does that mean you can't be a valuable part of the team?

No! That just means you must find the one thing that you like to do in the organization and make a committment to do it faithfully.

Second Chance has many needs and if you look close, you will find that one thing that YOU can do for the animals. If you would like to volunteer your help, we have a variety of functions you may find of interest. Just click THIS LINK to fill in a volunteer form.

Please read the descriptions of each item so you will know if it is something you would like to do. One of our volunteers will contact you and you too can know the joy of helping the shelter animals.

This form is in PDF Format. To get Aobe Acrobat, please click on the button:

Are You Creative and Crafty?

We are in desperate need of a "Little Old Mouse Maker". Well actually you don't have to be little or old, you just have to know how to crochet. We will supply the pattern,the yarn and the home-grown catnip, you supply the manpower.

If you would be interested in making some catnip mice for us to sell at shows. Please call Helen at 652-6051. We truly need your help.

Donated quality handcrafted items are needed for our craft shows.
Your donation will help save lives! Contact Helen at 652-6051.  

2010 Second Chance "Family"Volunteer Picnic